Hi!👋 My name is Yigit,

I’m a Digital Marketing Expert. 🚀

I team up with businesses, solo entrepreneurs and side hustlers to drive organic and paid traffic to their Web sites, YouTube and other social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter.

Driving traffic might seems easy these days. However, driving targeted traffic is a real deal. Do you know why? Because targeted traffic is easy to convert into a lead, a paying customer and finally a loyal customer (My favourite, I love you!).

Why Would You Work with Me?

I know, nobody likes to show off but I have to. I’ve been into Digital Marketing since 2006 and I’ve faced so many pitfalls, fails and of course lots of successes which I’m proud of.

Let me share an example with you: Below chart shows two years of progress in organic growth.

There is no promise that your Web site or Business would receive the same amount of traffic as shown above but I can promise you that If I’m involved in your journey, We 100% will be pushing the limits of your market/niche to get most of it.

So, let me list some important points that you might like about me:

How About Certifications?

Yes! Certifications are important too. Here are my Digital Marketing Certifications:

Where Are the Client’s Testimonials?

Well, I do not keep them here on my Web site. I usually take my works on a Freelancing platform called Upwork and you can see my previous client’s reviews there. Be aware; that my 5-Star Ratings, 100% Job Success Ratio and shining Top-Rated freelancer badge might hurt your eyes. 😎 Click the image to visit my public profile to check out my previous projects and reviews.

Got a Question?

You can use the contact form below to reach me out. I’m a big fan of people with passion and I would love to hear about your business, project, targets or problems.

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By the way, if you do not like forms, You can sign up for Upwork to write me or follow me on Twitter or Instagram to DM me.